About Us

We welcome you always, to Our Erial Garden,

Where food and family, come together,

Where people do ponder, aout some things so fonder,

Under the changes, of the various types of weather.

The food that we serve,is made fresh everyday,

As our chef does prepare, to your desire,

To meet everyones wish, in the taste of each dish,

Your patronage we always, do admire.

From our chicken and Broccoli, to each rice that we serve,

Striving for perfection,just the same,

So that you may know too, everything that we do,

Is for each customers we may know,just by name.

We are part of this community, we are part of your life,

Every day of the week, we do care,

About each person we may meet, as we walk down the street,

Our lives with you, we do share.

We welcome you always, to our Erial Garden,

Hoping that your stay, is much fun,

As we give you a great taste, of our Chinese Culture,

Where friends and family, are like one.